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Pumpkin Yule Log

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I threatened a few days ago to attempt an almost carnivore yule log after some success with almost an carnivore sponge cake. I had just a tad bit of Japanese pumpkin left over, and so Sunday was as good as any day to give it a go and take animal-based liberties with traditional baking. You can find here the sponge cake recipe for the batter, but instead of using a cake pan, you are going to use a rimmed cookie sheet, lined with parchment, and bake at 325F until light, golden brown, about 12 minutes.

You gotta watch to avoid over-baking.


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Don't tell anyone, but I flubbed the recipe up ... forgot the chaffle flour. I didn't realize what I had done until after it was in the oven, but I knew something was up. The batter was too runny, so I improvised with whey powder until I had the desired consistency. It worked out but the cake wasn't quite as nice as with the chaffle flour. Still yummy though.

Let the sheet cake cool to room temperature and get to work on the whip cream filling. You gotta whip up some heavy cream, powdered collagen, at a 2:1 ratio, and add stevia drops to taste. Won't take a but a few minutes at high speed.



Now, I repeat, make sure the sheet cake is cooled and then spread a thick layer of whipped frosting completely over the top layer. Then, pulling back the parchment as you go, roll the cake into a log.

You can eat some right away, but it generally takes a day or two in the fridge for the cake, and the allowing it to come to room temperature, to soften and give you that amazing amuse bûche almost mousse-like texture. Even with the recipe flub-up, this cake was so good with my morning coffee.

The Catholic Church; Middle Ages

From our studies ...

In this video posted by Mike Nazarino, we explore the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church in the Middle Ages was very powerful and at the center of life for most people. Much governing came from the Church. To become a king or ruler, your reign would have to be consecrated by the Church in a religious ceremony, in addition to having a birthright and coming from a ruling family.


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There were many church ceremonies, taboos, and certain functions performed by the clergy, many which continue on today. Catholics ate fish on Fridays and went to Mass on Sundays.

The Church recorded births and deaths and conducted marriages and funerals. They were the census keepers of the Middle Ages. Priests, nuns, and monks ran the schools and hospitals and many did good works for the poor and sick.

Many musicians and scholars were counted among the clergy. Second sons, un-wed women, and widows would often choose the Church as a profession.

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Medieval Catholics went to confession to tell their sins to a priest. They had a month to confess or be tortured and excommunicated. The priests would absolve the confessor of sin and then dole out penance. The priest was an intermediary between the every day person and God. The ability to absolve sins and sell indulgences, made the Church very powerful in the Middle Ages and also corrupted it.

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The Crusades were fought in the name of the Catholic Church in an attempt to regain the Holy Lands of Jerusalem from Islamic kings. Pope Urban the Second began the Crusades with the support of King Charlemagne of the Carolingian Empire. The Empire was situated in Western and Central Europe. The Catholic Church was very influential in the Middle Ages from the pinnacles of government and the waging of war all the way to the everyday commoner who needed his sins forgiven or his child baptized or married.

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This looks good but you mentioned that we should watch so that it won’t be over baked
If I may ask, how will I know if it is baked?


It looks so fresh
At first I thought it was still half baked


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