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Curation reward: 41.15 PHOTO for aleximprovement/actifit-aleximprovement-20240520t212454389z
Curation reward: 42.51 PHOTO for monochromes/monomad-may-20th-please-read-the-contest-rules-before-submitting-your-publications-sdsz1r
Curation reward: 40.86 PHOTO for
Curation reward: 40.63 PHOTO for onemoretea/actifit-onemoretea-20240520t201355681z
Curation reward: 40.41 PHOTO for drugelis/actifit-drugelis-20240520t201038503z
Curation reward: 40.15 PHOTO for bucipuci/actifit-bucipuci-20240520t195159722z
Curation reward: 39.90 PHOTO for tomsmaid/actifit-tomsmaid-20240520t194014816z
Curation reward: 39.61 PHOTO for artysteps/actifit-artysteps-20240520t184111096z
Curation reward: 38.85 PHOTO for bechibenner/ratespiel--hive-gold-quiz-80-gewicht-raten-guessing-game--hive-gold-quiz-80-guess-weight-deen
Curation reward: 39.30 PHOTO for cryptoprima/actifit-cryptoprima-20240520t175028303z
Curation reward: 77.25 PHOTO for tampilyne/we-do-it-ourselves
Curation reward: 43.50 PHOTO for maxwellmarcusart/mood-digital-drawing
Curation reward: 39.01 PHOTO for krakonos/actifit-krakonos-20240520t163819830z
Curation reward: 83.50 PHOTO for tommyl33/unique-wood-crafting-at-garden
Curation reward: 98.14 PHOTO for naitreart/monomad-the-art-of-appreciating-art-engesp
Curation reward: 82.92 PHOTO for aburihan1/this-is-the-wave-of
Curation reward: 100.52 PHOTO for jlphotographyart/photos-for-my-beautiful-new-client-shia-wu-or-monomad-challenge
Curation reward: 82.44 PHOTO for untilwelearn/winners-of-phone-photography-contest-bf62fa8ae475d
Curation reward: 136.94 PHOTO for malos10/portraits-in-studio-monomad-challenge
Curation reward: 81.96 PHOTO for vinzie1/actifit-vinzie1-20240520t153408360z
Curation reward: 39.23 PHOTO for pinkhub/actifit-pinkhub-20240520t151004277z
Curation reward: 34.19 PHOTO for drlobes/actifit-drlobes-20240520t141656267z
Curation reward: 80.94 PHOTO for shariarahammad/one-of-the-most-beautiful-flowers-i-have-ever-seen-is-the-bengal-clockvine
Curation reward: 80.23 PHOTO for fredkese/actifit-fredkese-20240520t140458402z
Curation reward: 38.92 PHOTO for jjprac/actifit-jjprac-20240520t120552660z
Curation reward: 33.96 PHOTO for aleximprovement/actifit-aleximprovement-20240520t105000261z
Curation reward: 39.08 PHOTO for cezary-io/actifit-cezary-io-20240520t100201181z
Curation reward: 80.20 PHOTO for damsel001/giving-up-is-not-a-choice-and-you-must-learn-to-earn
Curation reward: 79.41 PHOTO for braaiboy/thedailyflame-1319-may-hsbi-giveaway
Curation reward: 78.46 PHOTO for godslove123/a-family-day-celebration
Curation reward: 38.96 PHOTO for florakese/plant-melons-the-fruit-of
Curation reward: 60.89 PHOTO for barski/drown-to-stay-afloat
Curation reward: 38.99 PHOTO for walarhein/actifit-walarhein-20240520t081536285z
Curation reward: 77.92 PHOTO for diosarich/asean-hive-challenge-paper-crafts-109-or-the-art-of-paper-filigree-or-paper-quilling-my-rainbow-butterfly
Curation reward: 38.81 PHOTO for browery/actifit-browery-20240520t075240017z
Curation reward: 38.45 PHOTO for mad-runner/actifit-mad-runner-20240520t065049547z
Curation reward: 44.90 PHOTO for maxwellmarcusart/drawing-a-portrait-1471
Curation reward: 38.15 PHOTO for holovision/actifit-holovision-20240520t055806580z
Curation reward: 76.59 PHOTO for aileen1984/carnaval-town-fiesta-attractions
Curation reward: 37.76 PHOTO for actifituser/actifit-actifituser-20240520t041226861z
Curation reward: 37.56 PHOTO for silvertop/actifit-silvertop-20240520t040543676z
Curation reward: 37.33 PHOTO for elizabethbit/actifit-elizabethbit-20240520t040541677z
Curation reward: 37.02 PHOTO for iscrak/actifit-iscrak-20240520t032428556z
Curation reward: 36.79 PHOTO for manuvert/actifit-manuvert-20240520t031423669z
Curation reward: 36.54 PHOTO for rigomohe/actifit-rigomohe-20240520t025521133z
Curation reward: 75.48 PHOTO for mdakash62/world-cultural-heritage-historic-sixty
Curation reward: 35.95 PHOTO for roger5120/actifit-roger5120-20240520t001919250z
Curation reward: 73.88 PHOTO for tydynrain/i-am-aliveandthriving-today-oror-iamalivechallenge-oror-daily-off-grid-jungle-journal-entry-day-660-the-more-and-faster-that-i
Curation reward: 138.85 PHOTO for leidimarc/una-gelatina-para-las-fotos-spa-eng
Curation reward: 35.63 PHOTO for awah/actifit-awah-20240519t224610861z
Received 200000 PHOTO from photo.nft LP Rewards
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Staked 100000 PHOTO to hivephoto
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Completed undelegation of 495000 PHOTO
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Transferred 2000 PHOTO to em3di 1st place prize in Hive Images contest.
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Transferred 500 PHOTO to hamza-art 3rd place prize in Hive Images contest.
Transferred 250 PHOTO to abdul-qudus 4th place prize in Hive Images contest.
Transferred 100 PHOTO to lacochinaensalsa 5th place prize in Hive Images contest.
Transferred 1000 PHOTO to photo.nft {"action":"mint","name":"First Hive Images NFT","collection":"Hive Images","rights":1,"editions":5,"nsfw":false,"type":"image","thumbnail":"","file":"","tags":["hive","photograph","photography","logo","technology","snapshot"],"description":"This is the first NFT minted on Photograph of 3D printed Hive logo by @holovision."}
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