The Best Affordable All You Can Eat Japanese Buffet with The Best Teamwork


Hello, friends especially foodies!

My teamwork didn't have time for eating together at the end of last year so we decided to have dinner together at the beginning of this year, the exact time was last Friday. We also decided to have all you can eat Japanese Buffet for our dinner together.

Like usually we didn't want to go to the restaurant where we already had gone before so this was our very first time to go to this place. And for this team dinner together, we had already reserved the place for last Friday at 6.30 pm.



Sakabe Japanese Buffet where we went to located on Samanhudi street, Pasar Baru area. We chose their nearest branch to us. In order to reach the restaurant it took around 20 minutes to arrive there by car.

From the outside the restaurant seemed not too large and they said in their banner that it would only 99K IDR for a person (it's only if you want grill only and this price was excluded the tax).



They showed us the pictures of their all you can eat menu which you should finish in a duration of 90 minutes. For the grill only pax, it was 99K IDR for adult and for the grill and shabu, it was 109K IDR for adult. Both prices were excluded 10% tax which for the grill and shabu pax they charged us 120K IDR or around 7.8 USD for a person.

For the menu they had some kind of beef, chicken, fish, kind of meatballs, rice noodle, noodle, kimchi, mushroom, and some kind of veggies.


Anyway for the shabu, they had three choice of the broth. You could choose among spicy miso soup, kombu dashi soup or tomyum soup. We had asked for the explanation of the taste of each of them before we chose of what we had that day.

The waitress told us that the spicy miso soup would have only a bit spicy flavour, kombu dashi made from fish and tasted savory, while tomyum had spicy sour flavour.


On the first floor, the dining area didn't have any air conditioners with only some tables there. On the corner they put the raw materials where you could choose their menu. Luckily when we arrived not many people there, as of when we wanted to leave the place later, the place was full of people.

Here was the picture of the first floor when we came,


and here was the picture of it later.


They put the word "irassyaimase" in hiragana, Japanese word for "welcome" right on their backside wall. The walls showed Japanese style mural. On the backside showed the woman and man with the Japanese style back ground while on the right side they had the Japanese lucky cats, maneki neko.

On the second floor, some customers were there before us but look at the other tables, already reserved. And we also had one of the table reserved for us. Could you guess which one?


Anyway on the second floor they had air conditioners, exhaust fans, and the wall designed with the anime design. The place was clean and it looked bright too.

The condition liked on the first floor, while we were having our dinner there, customers came and eating there too and they had this place full. Awesome!




If down there we only saw the pictures of the menu, there on the corner we could take the menu ourselves but remember that they would charged us if we couldn't finish the meat and anything we took.

For the drink they had warm tea, green tea late, thai tea, orange and lemonade.


While on the fridge next to it, on the top they had chocolate pudding and watermelon. In the middle they had kind of veggie.


And in it's lower part, they had fresh sliced meat.


On their other fridge, they had kind of meatballs.


While in their other fridge, they also had mushroom, corn, noodle, rice noodle, kimchi, dori filelt, marinated belly, chicken fillet, saikoro beef and sakabe's premium.





Also they had ready to eat things like chicken fried on a stick, french fries, fried skin, spaghetti, fried spinach, and next to it, there was a dimsum case.


The waiters delivered to us some meat onn the green plate that was hard to remember the name. The slices were large and here how it looked.


We started to cook, could you guess the soup we chose for the shabu?

Our messy table while we were cooking and eating...



There they separate between the grill in the middle of the wok and shabu on its' edge.


We had two tables that day, boys in a table while us girls in another table. But the tables were joined.. when the girls already finished with the food, the boys were still having their food.. they had lots of beef, really!


A photo of us while we had our shabu and grill...






For the soup, i loved their spicy miso soup which was only a bit spicy, it came savory too and so tasty. With the soup, we cooked veggie, meat, some meatballs and rice noodle. For the meatball, my favorite was the orange one, it tasted so good.



They really offered us fresh tasty beef slices and cubes. We needed to marinate it with their sauce first, which we used were their sakabe's special sauce and teriyaki sauce, we also put the sesame seeds, chilli and onion to it. It came along with the beef really well. The beef became so tasty in sweet savory flavour, so delicious. The beef was soft, tender, juicy and less fat. Their grill became my favorite.




We also tried their sushi roll that was also tasty. I could felt they put cucumber in it, mayonaise sauce on the top, the seaweed rolled it. It was simple but tasty, i even couldn't guess what they put inside that made it so good...


I had thai tea which tasted so good cause it was in the middle of sweetness flavour while their orange tasted artificial.

So happy with the team, we had a great time at SAKABE BUFFET. I invite you to try it too!

Business Information

38A Samanhudi Street
Pasar Baru
Central Jakarta
Open daily 10 am –9 pm

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All of the pictures were taken with Samsung A52 5G android phone and I used Canva for the cover picture.

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A perfect place for a team dinner (人 •͈ᴗ•͈). The foods looks awesome too. Japanese soup alwaya looks flavorful even in anime and even in real life. I want to experience the authentic one (☞^o^) ☞