Steak and Smoothie for My Lunch


Hello, friends especially foodies!

Saturday is always a fun day for me, usually i could go out to heal myself and one of my way to heal myself usually by buying somethings cute and also by trying new restaurant that i never tried before, just like i did last saturday.

Last saturday i tried to go to KARNIVOR, a famous steak restaurant from Bandung, West Java but of course i didn't need to go to Bandung to try it cause they already has some branches in Jakarta, and one of the branch which i went to last saturday was their branch on 5th floor East Mall, Grand Indonesia Shopping Center.


From the outside we could see that they had a quite large area in this branch. They put their big brand KARNIVOR upon their entry gate and below it they put their slogan "Let's meet our meat".



When we enter their restaurant, the staffs will nicely handle you and they also will greet you by saying their slogan. I think they have nice service, all of the staffs are nice and friendly.



The interior of their restaurant was dominated with wood. They had natural wood color, with some greenery view, the artificial plants. They had unique ceramic floor.


And on their other part of dining area, they had pebble ceramic floor. The chairs were made of wood while their table made of marble (artificial one), but the touch of marble always bring esthetic luxury finish to the interior.


They had dimmed yellow light inside, with the greenery and wooden furnish somehow for me it brought the jungle theme inside. How do you think of my thought?




There of course they had steak menus such as tenderloin, sirloin, cowboy cut steak, beef back ribs, coffee rubbed steak, mix grill, hamburg steak, spiral sausage, chicken steak, chicken chop, and hanging tender.

Anyway there they also had big size of steak that they called monster menu. They had monster steak which had the choices of 1 kilogram of tenderloin, 600 grams of t-bone australia, 1 kilogram of monster sausage and 2 kilograms of meat tower.


They also had marangi beef satay, creamy mushroom smoked beef pasta, and american beef. While for the appetizer they had blooming onion, poutine, hot chicken wings, potato chips, and sausage boat.


They also still had steak salad, chicken chunk loaded fries, and pulled beef loaded fries. Their brand, Karnivor really match with their menu which were all contained meat.


Anyway of course they also had dessert, pitcher party, milkshake...

Also there were juice and smoothies, mocktail, tea..


and of course coffee, and even beer.


After had ordered, i needed to wait around 10 minutes for the smoothie, but for the food it needed around 20-30 minutes of waiting. Anyway you must be curious about the steak and smoothie i chose that day, right

First, I would like to start from the smoothie RED SMOOTHIE.



Red Smoothie is a blend of fresh strawberries, coconut, granola, lemon, yogurt, fresh milk and almond foam. It taste sour and a bit sweet, so eventough milky it was fresh cause it was dominated with the real strawberries flavour. I think it worth drink for you to try.

Now let me tell you about their steak

What i had last saturday was their HAMBURG STEAK



Hamburg steak presented with the melted mozarella cheese on its' top,



mashed potato as i requested (they had some choices of it like french fries, mashed potato, potato wedges, and potato chips),


sauteed vegetables and it served with mushroom sauce as i requested too (they had choices of bbq, mushroom, arabiata, black pepper and golden cheese sauce).


For the hamburg steak, the meat was quite thick, but it was smokey, and unfortunately i didn't like the smokey one. It had medium savory flavour and it also had soft texture. It was not the best beef hamburg i ever tasted and the taste of it was just so so. But i love the mozarella cheese on its top and also i like the mushroom sauce they had, it was tasty. For the portion, it was quite thick so it made me full.

The mashed potato it served with was soft and smooth. I couldn't feel any milk taste in it. It was tasty with yummy natural potato flavour.

And i didn't like the sauteed vegetables, i only like the mushroom in it haha. The sauteed vegetables were fully cooked but it had no flavour at all, somehow i didn't like it and i couldn't finish it.

I think they didn't overprice it at all but they would charge us for their service and the price on their menu book were exclude the service charge and also tax.

The lunch i had costed me 132,300 IDR or around 8.5 USD and it think it was okay, wasn't pricey at all.


Maybe i would come to try their other menu, that is not smokey of course!

Business Information

5th floor
East Mall
Grand Indonesia Shopping Center
1st MH Thamrin Street
Central Jakarta
Open daily 10 am – 10 pm

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All of the pictures were taken with Samsung A52 5G android phone.

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