Crispy Fried Chicken from a Burger Specialist


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Last Sunday, I got an appointment to attend the Sunday Service with my church friends so before the service began, i had had lunch alone in the burger specialist famous restaurant in the shopping center where the church belongs.


The restaurant that I mean as a burger specialist is Burger King. The Burger King in this branch, at Central Park had a large dining area. As from the outside we could see how wide is the place.



And oh no, i needed to queue up a long line that day. Because many persons were craving for burgers and of course their fried chicken, wait a minute, fried chicken, I never tried BK's fried chicken..... I thought I needed to try it that day!


As you could see, they hung their menu at their top back. They had cheese burger supreme, royal chicken burger, cheese burger, double cheese burger, mozzarella cheese burger, cheese whopper, spicy cheese whopper, spicy cheese whopper, cheese whopper junior, spicy cheese whopper junior, cheese lava angus burger, and bbq angus burger.


They also got their new cheese dunk series which were poured with the cheese sauce which contained their cheese whopper junior cheese dunk, cheese whopper cheese dunk, crispy chicken cheese dunk, and fries cheese dunk.

They had their collection of fried chicken in two options, spicy chicken or crispy chicken.

They had also king deals packages with economic prices, with the choice of burger between bbq beef burger, cheesy beef burger, beef burger and chicken burger.

For the limited time, they had king fusion nutella ice cream and nachos/fries cheese dunk.

They also had sides like ice cone, choco top ice, vanilla sundae, fries, double choco pie, cheese fries, sundae chocolate, fusion cookies and cream, mango sjora, iced milo, super float, palm sugar coffee, palm sugar vanilla late, 1 pc crispy/spicy chicken, and ala carte chicken/beef burger.

Like i told you before, they had a quite large dining area. The dining area had some long soft sofas, while other used the wooden chairs.



Dominated with brown color, it had yellow bright light. Many customers were there, but lucky for me i still got a table there. And for the dining area i had a conclusion that it was a nice place to have dine in while chit chat with your friends or family members.

Here was what I had that day...


My package contained of two pieces of their crispy chicken, a portion of rice and a cup of lemon tea.


For their crispy chicken it served very hot so you needed to be careful with it. I ate it with my hand, we called it 'muluk'.





Their chicken had crispy tasty in savory skin with soft meat inside. The meat inside was also savory and tasty. So trying fried chicken in a burger specialist was not a bad decision at all.

I will come for their burgers and other things, psst i already downloaded their apps to get more promotions next!

Business Information


248 LG Floor

28th, Letjen S. Parman street
West Jakarta
Open daily 10 am – 10 pm

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All of the pictures were taken with Samsung A52 5G android phone.

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