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I don't know do you all have a Christmas tradition, as for me, usually my late mom and I go to the church (before the pandemic), to celebrate Christmas. And actually that was my mom's dream, before she passed away that we would be able to celebrate Christmas again in the church then sadly se passed away before this happened.

Continuing this tradition, last year, a day before Christmas, there was a Christmas celebration in the church. I used to go with my late mom but it would never happen again so that I would go there with my bestie. Before the occasion, we had gone to one of the branch of a legendary Indonesian restaurant.


Also known as SATE KHAS SENAYAN, it is one of our local brand that already served since 1974.


The restaurant that we went that day, had the traditional wayang with a touch of gold color on one of its' wall. We came there at 11.16 so that not many people before us. But we must be such in a hurry cause in dine time, the place would be crowded and full of customers.




The interior of the restaurant was dominated with wood. It had logs on the top and side of their place. They had a touch of creme color for their soft part of chairs.

And on one of their corner they had an open drinking kitchen where they prepared our beverages while the kitchen where they made our food was not publicied.

The place was nice, warm and bright. It also like i had said before had gold wayang on one of its' wall. Wayang is one of our heritage ancient tradition.



The menu that they had, first in their menu book were their new collection of Balinese dishes like Fried Duck Rice, Chicken Betutu Rice, Taliwang Chicken Rice, Balinese Rice and so on.


For juice category, they had Kopyor King of Fruit Juice, Kopyor Juice, Kopyor Iced, Young Coconut Iced, King of Fruit Juice, Avocado Juice, Orange Iced, Hot Orange, and Lime Juice. Kopyor itself is an authentic kind of coconut which our country has and it is a must try, not every restaurant has this menu! And they also had kind of jamu (traditional indonesian herbal drink for health) there.


And of course they had desserts there too!


For the satays they had many choices of it like mixed lamb satay, lamb satay, minced lamb satay, sweet beef satay, beef trimming satay, mixed ponorogo chicken satay, ponorogo chicken or chicken skin satay, blora mixed chicken satay, blora chicken or chicken skin satay, minced chicken satay,


And they also offered plecing spice chicken satay, rolled chicken satay and mushroom satay.


And of course, they had seafood menus too.


Mistake by saying vegetarian upon some of their menu included their rice menus, they had mixed yellow turmeric rice, pecel rice, uduk rice, while some other menus were only made of veggie.


They also had many other Indonesian menus that I didn't take any pictures of cause they were so many.

After we had ordered, the waiter told us that it would take around 20 minutes of preparation time. It was okay, and that time they served our drinks first, then our satay and last our mixed turmeric rice. Here what we had that day...


And then I would like to tell you one by one about the food and drink that we had that day, started from the drink because they came first.




Kopyor had soft and smooth meat that you would like.


It had no syrup and pure. The unique thing there that they used lemongrass as its' straw.


It didn't change the real taste of the kopyor iced itself. The kopyor iced was so natural and tasty and fresh. All of you must try it!

Now I would like to share to you about their food

First, everybody's favorite CHICKEN SATAY



The chicken meat they used for the satay was thick but it was really soft. The tenderness of the chicken would taste in your mouth when you bite it. They roasted the satay and then served it wth authentic peanut paste and of course chili paste plus chopped of red shallot. The satay had savory sweet flavour and the peanut paste brought the savory a bit sweet flavour to the satay.

For these satays, I agree with everybody, that it was also my favorite.

Then our main dish MIXED TURMERIC RICE



It was Indonesian authentic yellow turmeric rice served with:

  • crispy potato chip which had sweet flavour,
  • coconut floss which had also sweet flavour,
  • long bean stirred in spices which had savory and sweet flavour,
  • potato fritter, which had tasty savory flavour and rich in spices,
  • potato stirred with chicken liver, which had rich flavour of savory, sweet and spicy,
  • indonesian fried chicken which had savory flavour,
  • traditional beef terik which was tender and had sweet flavour, and of course
  • chili paste which had spicy, sweet and savory flavour.

You must try this menu cause they made it so tasty and it would make you full.

Of course like my title, you must try these three menus of food and beverage when you come to Indonesia!

Business Information

LG floor
Senayan City Mall
Asia Africa Street
South Jakarta
Open daily 10 am – 10 pm

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All of the pictures were taken with Samsung A52 5G android phone and I used Canva for the cover picture.

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This place looks amazing as well as the food 😍 Too bad you could not be with your mom to celebrate Christmas. Excellent review ❤️


My mouth is watering while reading this hahaha. Seriously a lemon grass as a straw? Isn't it a bit sharp? Or they changed something about it. Regardless, it is so unique and I think the people will always remember this place.


Thanks. Well they did something that made the lemongrass soft and not hard, this was unforgettable