I am Burning PHOTO and Minting a Mint



The @buynburn account uses the HBD and HIVE earned from posts to buy and burn coins on Hive-Engine.

To make this account work, I need to write posts to earn HBD and HIVE rewards!

I don't like automated posts. So, I write each post by hand. This qualifies the post for #POB, #VYB and #CENT rewards ... note I will eventually burn all the coins I earn.

The PHOTO Tribe

For today's post I decided to look at the PHOTO Tribe. The photo tribe owns the premium domain Hive.Photo. The tribe rewards posts that include original photography with the PHOTO Token. The tribe is happy to include amateur and phone photography.

Post images should be your own work. I created the image at the top of the page with NightCafe.

While writing this post. I realized that I was in error. I then took some pictures for this post seen below.

The PHOTO token has a supply of 13,666,336 coins. It currently trades for $0.00024 and has a market capitalization of $3,279. There is a maximum supply of 1,000,000.000. The tribe appears to be keeping within its basic contract. I am making about 9% for my PHOTO curation.

PHOTO Has a Great Distribution

Photography plays a huge role on HIVE. Posts with images tend to receive more upvotes than those without. Posts that contain original photography tend to do better than posts without.

The PHOTO tokens are distributed in staked form. This means that the accounts that do not regularly check their Hive Engine account are accumulating the coins at a decent rate.

The PHOTO Richlist shows PHOTO to be one of the best distributed coins on the platform.

The @null account has 364,034 PHOTO. Sending PHOTO to @null burns the tokens. Some tribes promote accounts that burn tokens. I will send 500 PHOTO after publishing this post.

PHOTO Has Few Buyers

While PHOTO is one of the best distributed coins, there appears to be very few buyers for the coin.

For the last several months, I've been one of the primary buyers of PHOTO. I have accumulated 41,000 PHOTO in my primary account @yintercept .

Photo NFTs

HIVE Photo Includes an NFT Market. Photographers can mint original works using the PHOTO token. Art patrons can buy works using PHOTO as well.

To be fair. I should note that the The Lensy NFT Photo Gallery predates HIVE Photo. Folks on Lensy use SWAP.HIVE.

Lensy was designed for professional photographers. They declined my application.

Hive.Photo approved my application. My guess is that HIVE Photo is open to amateur photographers.

Sadly, there was only one image in the gallery when I visited a few minutes ago. Perhaps I should change that.

The Images for This Post

I asked NightCafe to generate an image of a woman burning a photo for the post.

NightCafe produced a great image that is relevant for the post.

But it is not my image.

So, while writing this post I decided to look around my room. I took a photo of two plush toys that look over my shoulder while I write.

The photo is okay. I decided to go outside and take a photo.

It happens to be May 6th ... and we were having a huge snow storm here in the Beehive State.

The light was bad and it was snowing. I was not able to capture a great image. However, I think the subject of a Spring snow in interesting. So, while writing this post. I decided to Mint an NFT featuring this photo.

It costs 600 PHOTO to mint a picture and 100 for each edition. So, I minted 5 edition (600 + 400 * 4 = 1000 PHOTO). I will keep one edition for personal use. I am selling the others for 280 PHOTO. I am selling the NFT at cost.

The flower is called Ajuga reptens. Some call it carpetweed. Others call it bugleweed.

Ajuga is in the mint family (Lamiaceae). So, I minted a snowy image of a mint! I my twisted pun-ridden mind, "minting a mint" is a fun #meme.

NOTE: I've also minted NFTs on HiveMe.me. I sell the images at cost. If you buy an NFT, by all means relist it at a higher price.

I will burn after I publish

I will burn 500 PHOTO after publishing this post. I will use the HBD and HIVE rewards to burn more coins in the future. Please drop a comment if you want a specific coined burned.

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Thank you for posting about the Hive Images tribe and PHOTO. Nice article and good photos.

Every professional photographer begins as an amateur. Some people just enjoy snapping pictures and have no intention of becoming professional photographers. We're not snobs or gatekeepers of photography. As long as it's disclosed in the post we're also accepting of photorealistic AI and computer generated images.

You're right about the lack of PHOTO buyers. We're planning to start a monthly PHOTO power up day soon. If you have any ideas on how to increase the buying pressure on Hive-Engine please feel free to make suggestions.

We're also planning to soon have a PHOTO NFT scholarship similar to what @pobscholarship was doing for Proof of Brain NFTs. That should help to promote hive.photo NFT.

Thanks again for publishing your post and supporting the Hive Images tribe.

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