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Hello everyone! How are y'all doing today? 😎 I'm back one again to share my weekly Pitik Photography Shots taken this week 😁

It's been another rainy week yet again and the weather is all gloomy and all and thus I just can't help but render my shots as gloomy as it can get πŸ˜‚

I'll kick this weeks series off in our wharf. It was such a gloomy afternoon and I really thought I couldn't get a decent photo in these types of weather but I guess I was wrong. I did use a little bit of ISO but the noise in the photo above seems to be under color πŸ˜…

Yet another gloomy photo but this time I took a shot at this very prominent ancestral house in our town. This house above is more than a century years old and was built during the time when we where still under the spanish rule more than 300 years ago. Obviously it was damaged by typhoons and has been restored quite a lot but I think it still looks quite good considering it's age.

The photo above was taken during my ride a few days ago during my afternoon ride which I was stopped right in my tracks since it rained so suddenly. I was stuck in this spot probably for a few minutes and I saw the gate in front of me and hmmmm the composition looked nice and so I shot it down. If you carefully zoom into the picture you can even see the rain drops that looks like grain behind the gate. That is why I included this one here πŸ˜‰

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DSC_6971 (1).jpg

The photos above was also taken on the same day and the one before these two shots. I actually have taken quite a few photos during that time that I was stuck in our sports centrum due to the heavy rain.


NOTE: All Photos/Images used in this blog was taken by and owned by me. You can use these photos however you like but please put a backlink to this post right here and a backlink of my profile here on hive. Thank you and Have a Great Day Everyone!

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