My new hobby & drifting event with RC cars in Velenje, Slovenia

“If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.”
― Mario Andretti

Sometimes it is time, to take a change, to make one and replace bad old habits with a new one. For me lately it surely was on the day I joined in an RC (Remote Controlled) club RC DC.

You may know me as a nature lover, explorer, last year and a half was recovering, but down deep in my heart, I'm also a car enthusiast, a petrol head I like to call it.

Today we organized an event to present our modular club to the public in city Velenje, that is located 20minute drive from my home town in Slovenia.

The event was in market center Velenjka where we gathered early in the morning to prepare everything we brought with us to show people what we're all about.




Everything was new for me there, so many new experiences in the last year and this was another fresh one for me. Of course I'm mostly interested in the drifting, don't have one of my own yet, but it is up there in my bucket list.

At 10.00 we started drifting the RC cars around the track, of course it takes a lot of skill and feel to it, this was actually my third time driving an rc drift car with little practice. I did enjoy it, also presented Hive to the club, where I bet there is more stuff coming.




There were quote some people stopping by and watching, for us it was great experience as grateful to be even allowed for such an event, as there is so little about rc or drifting in our country.

I bet Santa will have some heavy wish-list when a lot of children stopped, laughted and stared at the toys going around the track sideways, later even a bit outside. Can't help it, these are true toys, for big boys.

There's a ton of adjusting available on the cars, as there's a huge market to support it. With it comes quite an expensive toy to play around with, but for me it's also a good opportunity to have a hobby like it as there is little to no injuries and is safe for me to go on with.



There was also a lot of positive energies, new people meeting the whole day and a quality time well spent today. When we packed everything back in our cars two hours later, we gathered at the club with some laughs, some food and for me a good feeling, being able to go with them and trying out a whole new experience.

Later in the day I decided to join others out in the nature where they were having fun with other kind of 4x4 cars built to move really fast on gravel, high jumps and even two super fast so called speed drones.


I really enjoyed just going out in the sun, nice weather and was just reminding myself in thoughts how grateful I am to be in the moment with such a good positive people around me, while all having fun.


Truly grateful that I can breathe, walk, smile, have a good sleep and take care of myself. Being able to join a club that also makes kid in me smile, having a brother that got me all started in the world of remote control toy cars, lending me his car to drift and well always help me whenever I needed some help or support.


Thank you for taking time to read, I wish you a good day or a good night and a good life.

Photos made with my Samsung Galaxy A52s

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
― Napoleon Hill

Till next time, stay awesome... Happy, Strong & Healthy my friends !


While reading your post, I felt your positive energy and enthusiasm for such an interesting hobby that you have. It's nice when we do what we love and what makes us happy. You inspired me to think about what kind of hobby I could have. 😊


It took me over a year and half to break threw the 'ice' and started remembering hobbies that do mean a lot to me. A lot has been happening but last month was definitely all around doing things that I love doing without overthinking with whole new experience of life. It's worth thinking about it and adding some for a bit of focus on yourself, on what you love to do and take a bit of time for you :)