Planting ivy-leaved cyclamen


Today, a long-awaited plant that I had ordered from the other side of the country arrived by courier. This is the so-called Ivy-leaved cyclamen, which, unlike the spring cyclamen, blooms from late summer to late autumn. That is why it is also called autumn cyclamen or autumn Boturche.

The planting of this type of cyclamen lasts until the end of March.

Latin name: Cyclamen hederifolium

Apart from the flowering time, it differs from the spring cyclamen by the shape of the leaves. While the autumn cyclamen leaves are very ivy-like and pointed, the spring cyclamen are rounded and heart-shaped. I recently photographed a spring cyclamen in Strandzha mountain and showed you its photos in this post.

According to information from Wild Flowers, autumn cyclamen is:

"a very durable plant, which is facilitated by the large amount of nutrients in the tuber, with which it can survive long unfavorable periods. It is easy to grow as an ornamental and blooms profusely."

Besides being found in the dark areas of the forest, it can also be found in sunny places, which gives me hope that it will survive in our small garden placed in a semi-shaded place under the pine trees.

This type of cyclamen is said to range in color from pale pink to white and deep purple.

We will find out in the fall what color it will bloom in our garden.

All photos are taken with:

CameraPanasonic Lumix GX8
LensOlympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f/2.8 Macro

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