Aquarium and its equipment for beginner aquarists.

Very often we are guided by our desires when we want to achieve something or gain something.

But desires without a sufficient load of knowledge can lead us to a dead end give us disappointment.

And therefore, good when you can get some information from numerous sources weigh the pros and cons and decide to take a step in one direction or another.

Aquarium today is an energy-intensive hobby you need to understand that every month you will receive additional bills for light and water in addition to the cost of fish food and equipment upgrades and you will see for yourself.

I did not say about the acquisition of more and more aquatic organisms and plants it is very difficult to stop at one aquarium fish as you originally planned, lol.

We will talk about the types of aquariums later today we will discuss what you will have to buy to start this hobby.


Let's start with the aquarium itself.

There are many offers on the market and you can buy an aquarium that contains all the necessary equipment a filter thermostat and light if you bought it rejoice.

Have you bought such an aquarium?

Okay now pour all the water out of it along with fish and plants into some kind of basin then go with the aquarium to the trash and throw it away don't regret it will let you down at the most inopportune moment and the equipment you cannot replace it with a new one.


I recommend glass aquariums that you can set up however you like changing the equipment as you see fit and glass won't scratch as badly as plastic and will look a lot better.

Yes, there is a risk of breaking the aquarium but this happens extremely rarely you need to be careful.


For starters you can buy a small aquarium, my favorite volume is 50-60 liters to start.

In such an aquarium, many characin eyelets can live and you can create a Garden of Eden from aquarium plants.

But for small cichlids this aquarium is suitable but then instead of live plants it is better to consider the option with stones or with plastic plants.

4 (1).JPG

As I said glass requires care and you will need to buy a mat that you lay under the aquarium or lay a thin layer of foam or foam to compensate for the loads that the water column creates on the bottom of the aquarium.


Water needs to be filtered and for this we need a filter.

There are many variations, submersible external and airlift filters here you need to understand the end goal of the one who starts the aquarium but in any case we need a filter.

Filters are usually equipped with an aeration system but forget about it it often fails.

On the packaging of the filter its power and daily throughput are indicated it must pass through itself 4 volumes of your aquarium per day.


Keep in mind the air compressor and filter need to run 24/7 so I don't recommend setting up an aquarium in the bedroom if you're a light sleeper or buy more oxygen hose and install the compressor in the next room.

In order to avoid oxygen starvation in our godrobionts that will live in our aquarium we buy an air compressor.


Keep in mind, the air compressor and filter need to run 24/7 so I don't recommend setting up an aquarium in the bedroom if you're a light sleeper or buy more oxygen hose and install the compressor in the next room.


The air supplied to the aquarium must be split into small bubbles that will give life-giving oxygen to the water for this, a sprayer will need to be put on the second end of the air hose.

Later we will look at the different types of each equipment.

raspilitel zelenii kruglii.JPG

To adjust the air supply we need faucets and various fittings such as elbows and tees.


The thermoregulation of water in the aquarium cannot be neglected and the thermostat will be connected to the network around the clock but when it reaches the required temperature it will turn itself off if it doesn't fail. this can happen as with cheap and an expensive option for a thermostat you need to be vigilant.


Trust but verify this is the right approach to aquarium keeping, therefore to control the operation of the thermostat install an alcohol or electronic thermometer but keep in mind that they also have large errors and malfunctions.


Light our fish and plants also need it depending on the conditions that we create in the aquarium for example we want to see bright healthy live plants then the lighting parameters must be chosen from 1 watt per liter of water in the aquarium and the height of the column water not higher than 500 mm.

But keep in mind, an excess of light in the aquarium will lead to the fact that the plants will need additional carbon dioxide for normal life and this already from the field of professional aquarism I mean bubble reactors carbon dioxide cylinders and reducers needle taps expensive pleasure and the water flow system which today judging by the water tariffs, will hit your pocket very hard there is a chain reaction.


On the back wall of the aquarium on its outer side you can stick a photo background that is sold in pet stores and cut to the size you need but tell the seller the height of your aquarium then he will not sell you a background that will have to be cut to height.


In the aquarium you will have to maintain order and remove from the bottom what can decompose and release hydrogen sulfide increase the level of nitrates in the water therefore you will have to buy a siphon to clean the bottom of the aquarium.


Life will also rage on the glass of the aquarium and blue-green or brown algae will settle there which will have to be scraped off the glass with a scraper which there are many varieties both for glass and for organic glass which is very sensitive to external influences.


With the equipment and supplies listed above you can start budgeting for your new hobby before you start buying soil fish and plants, or eye and rocks. lol.


All photos are taken at my pet store.

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