Bumblebee house.


Reading about the life of animals is one thing but observing their life is quite another.

I've read a lot about bumblebees being great flower pollinators and people who grow vegetables in greenhouses sometimes catch bumblebees and put them in the greenhouse to work.

Bumblebees are similar to bees but they do not build a comb and live under a bunch of autumn leaves, where they keep warm, or use mouse holes as housing.

I read about it, but a few days ago I was lucky enough to find a bumblebee house.

I did not get all the photographs and even these not the highest quality because everything happened very quickly and I tried to keep up with the actions of the bumblebee that had flown home.

In the first photo you see a bumblebee that flew up to a mouse hole.

IMAGE 2023-05-14 19_20_10.jpg

But, the bumblebee is already crawling into the hole, apparently he feels that no one lives there anymore and he decided to make the hole his home.

IMAGE 2023-05-14 19_20_12.jpg

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