Crop failure is caused by drought


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Rice fields are where farmers grow rice and it is a daily staple food, but bad luck has happened again, namely that for the last few months there has been a drought, making farmers lack water to plant rice in the fields. This is a natural phenomenon that we should not mistake.

Apart from that, the lack of water intake from irrigation flows is also the cause of the crop failure this time. Irrigation itself culminates in rivers to channel river water to agricultural land such as rice fields and perhaps this is also the main trigger.

However, there were also some residents who did not despair about this incident, they made drilled wells near their rice fields so that water could be channeled to their fields. However, making a drilled well also requires costs, so some farmers do not have a drilled well.

And yesterday I visited one of the rice fields to find peace there and saw several dry rice fields and several rice fields that had water supplies so they could farm as usual, it's really unfair but that's the way the world is.

We must be strengthened by several factors to continue to be patient and wait for the right moment to be able to do all that, nothing is instant in this world, everything requires a process.

Like the farmers here, there is no way out except to build good irrigation channels that can produce satisfactory harvests, but building irrigation also requires a lot of money so you have to wait until the irrigation building is ready to be built.

And in this post I want to share some pictures and stories that show the beauty of beautifully displayed rice fields and in the form of some agricultural photos here.

Last year's long dry season made several rice fields very dry, causing wild grass to grow abundantly in several rice fields here.

Maybe when the rainy season arrives it will be a big task for farmers to clear the wild grass and trees, because they grow so abundantly that they cover the rice fields.

And this is a picture of a rice field that gets water from a drilled well.

Here there are several rice fields planted with rice, because the water supply comes from drilled wells, but this is not as comfortable as you imagine, because these rice fields have large areas of land and must be able to drain a lot of water, so there are also rice fields that have been planted with rice, experiencing drought which inhibits rice growth and eventually turns yellow and dies.

After being in the rice fields for a long time and taking several photos, I wanted to go home immediately, because it was starting to get dark. And on the way home I also took photos of several oil palm trees which were right next to the rice fields, I also know what the concept is, as we know oil palms can absorb a lot of water, but I don't know.

What people think, I don't know. And oil palm is one of the trees that is widely planted in this village, many people use the oil palm harvest as a financial source here, almost 80% of the population here work as farmers.

I had to think hard to make this post so as not to offend some parties and I made this post until it took me an hour to think and still produce a post of the best quality. Greetings creativity 🙏🙏

Images and stories are purely mine, I did not plagiarize anything from other people's content. I took the picture using an Infinix 10 Pro cellphone and edited the image using the Lightroom and wink application.

And I wrote the article above in Indonesian and translated it into English with the help of Google.

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