Planting Should be Encouraged


Planting is a thing that should be encouraged in every community. I love plant because they give us what we need (Oxygen), likewise take what we consider a waste(Caborn(ii)oxide). Also, they tend to purify the environment, creating balance in the atmosphere. Plants generally is a good thing to have in ones vicinity, be it a tree or flowers. Aside the fact that they beautify the surrounding they also make the environment smell good in a way.

While planting we are not just doing it for ourselves, we are also doing it for the benefit of the community, this is basically because a healthy environment is a conducive and livable to all and sundry.

The horticulturist doing his job

The total outlook

These are the main reason I chose to call this flower man or horticulturist to come and do some beautifying for my surrounding. I encourage everyone to ensure they have at lease a flower in their surrounding because it has more benefits than not having. Nature is a blessing in so many ways and tapping into that blessing is the best we can do for ourselves.

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