The Sea: among photos and introspection

La lingua non è sufficiente a dire, e la mano a scrivere, tutte le meraviglie del mare

The tongue is not enough to tell, and the hand to write, all the wonders of the sea

- Cristoforo Colombo -

Today I feel like telling you about the sea, no don't worry I will not talk about it in a scientific way: it would turn out to be heavy and above all it would not convey the feelings it awakens in each of us!

Sea, summer, freedom.

When one thinks of the sea, first of all, one thinks of vacation, of a time, yes, of relaxation, but above all, carefree.

No thoughts of timetables, no "obligations" with the outside world; just you with your self and the people you love beside you.

Let's say that the sea, perhaps because of its immensity gives this innate sense of freedom, and as a result, for that time that you move to a resort, you are free of chains.

Personally, I completely lose my sense of time: waves are eternal, if compared to our life-span. Their movement is continuous and they sometimes just change place according to Moon and some big ships passing.

Such a metaphor

Perhaps the fact that 60 percent of the human being is made up of water, this thing ties us inextricably to the sea.

The sea is also nature's spectacle, both day and night, a few days ago I published another post about the sunset, and who happened to be the subject?

The sea!

Even in the moonlight the sea is beautiful, fascinating!

In its own way, the sea is also an artist: with the waves crashing on the shoreline or on the rocks.

Its erosive force is capable of sculpting anything, even hearts!
The power of the drop, a movement that keeps going and with its calm and relentless attitude, it digs rocks. Water always win the barriers. Soon or later.

Various songs have been dedicated to the sea, being in Italy I can recall some of them: Gente di Mare (Tozzi-Raf), Spiagge (Zero) and Il mare d'inverno (Bertè).

Of the latter song everyone will know the phrase:

Il mare d'inverno è come un film in bianco e nero visto alla TV

(Il mare d'inverno is like a black and white movie seen on TV)

Isn't that perhaps true?

Yes, but not quite, check it out here:

This is part of a series of photographs I took in October on a visit I made to a friend of mine from Trieste, and we went to Croatia for a "zingarata."
The colors are not as vivid as the previous summer months, but it doesn't look "black and white" to me!

So far I've been talking about the sea with my eyes, let's pause them for a moment, and try to smell, smell that whiff of saltiness superimposed on the coconut scent of the suntan lotion... There it is, I've seen it the smug smile for the image that came back to your mind, not necessarily a particular moment, but simply the last time you were at the beach!

And how to leave out the incessant sound of the surf, or, if it's a bit rough the crashing of the waves on the rocks!
Come on, what are we waiting for, let's go swimming so we can cool down this sunburned skin a bit; but be careful not to "drink" it's salty!

But then again, that's what Hive is all about: getting better!

And what does the sea tickle your fancy?


The sea is really freeing mentally and we all need that at times.
Seems you're already immersed in it lol


Quite, yes
As you say, sea is a great place to recharge and reflect


It is, glad you enjoyed it there. Greetings.