World Cultural Heritage / Historic Sixty Dome Mosque Tour.

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Hello travel loving friends I hope you all are having a great time working hard with the Hive family. Welcome everyone to the blockchain platform. Also if I go to discuss about the powerup of this platform. Then I remembered that hard work is about gaining strength. When I go to compare travel with power up. I get the same power as when I powerup on ID. Similarly, I get the same energy when I travel. Today I will be discussing the world cultural heritage, the historic Six Dome Mosque tour through the #aseanhive community. Along with that, I will present to you some of the traditional words that are still read today. I hope you all enjoy these Sultanate buildings with pleasure. Also read my wonderful writings with pleasure and attention.

The exhibition shows the entrance of the traditional Sixty-domed Mosque. It is an ancient mosque located in the southwest of Bagerhat district of Bangladesh. This mosque was built during the Sultanate period. A signboard has been erected to welcome visitors to the exhibition you are enjoying.

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Here I have tried to present the nature and environment of the Sixty Domed Mosque. As well as on the occasion of beautifying nature's plants and landscaped areas. I made a video of the employee. Employees here are usually engaged in garden maintenance. He is taking care of nature plants by enjoying all the efficiency here. Giving new shape to beauty. Here, the heads of the trees are cut evenly and beautified. I present this video to you through my YouTube link.

Here I have tried to show an exhibition with the road crossing bridge of Se Biswa Road next to the outer part of the gate. We parked next to this road and followed the access road.

We see in the exhibition a photograph of the Main Gate. Here we all our friends were present together. Along with this, an effort has been made to present the list of prices of city tickets. Here we have seen foreigners come and travel and enjoy this amazing ancient mosque by visiting it. Here we see another signboard. The magnificent view of the mosque is transferred outside the gate by computer lamination. Earlier the entry fee was only 15 taka. After entering we found some wonderful gardens here and enjoyed the wonderful nature with beautiful flower and tree scenery. Built by Pir Khan Jahan Ali. However, he is believed to have built it in the 15th century AD which is currently on display. People are enjoying themselves by traveling to the souvenirs, on the occasion of the people's joy with extraordinary care.

In the exhibition we can see Hazrat Khan Jahan talking about death. O my friends remember that death is inevitable. There is a thorn in Kann, death is inevitable death is inevitable. The greatest enemy of all power is death. (He is discerning) in love he is not like other enemies. Death is inevitable Death is inevitable. We always believe in such wonderful sayings.

Here I have seen the preparation of an excellent map of the Sixty Domed Mosque. Which I present to all of you.

This is the entrance to the Sixty Domed Mosque although the gate is very old. Which turns into a blush that has created a beauty in the present age. Although there is no inscription on the mosque. We enjoyed all its information on the women's section. But if we look at the architectural style, there is no doubt about the end that it was not prepared by Khan Jahan. This mosque was built many years ago by spending a lot of money. The stones were brought from a specific place in the palace. It is located among the three world heritage sites of Bangladesh. Traveling here took our experience to a higher level. Look at these old traditional ready-made buildings. Hence Bagerhat city has been given the status of World Heritage Site. We have endeavored to enrich our wealth of experience by visiting such places of interest.

Everyone takes off their shoes before entering this traditional mosque. At the same time people bow down and pray to God. Khan Jahan was generally very good and a very good man. One who is always conducting all activities benefiting people. He was going to take to the work of education. All his memories surrounding this mosque evoke immense feelings in everyone's mind.

Here you all can travel freely. Here you can actually take your experience to a healthier place. The mosque is about 160 feet on the outside and 143 feet on the inside from north to south. Let me tell you about the sixty domes. Although sixty domes are mentioned here about the sixty-domed mosque. But there are a total of 81 domes. There are four domes at the four corners of very large size. There are a total of 81 domes with 7×11 = 77 domes. We thoroughly enjoyed all the information here and shot this photograph from a distance for all to see. The mosque is commonly called the Sixty Domes in face-to-face talks. I have always loved such exhibition spaces. Along with that we happily enjoyed all the sights here as friends.

At a distance of 100 meters from the mosque there are two trees which look exactly the same and are beautifully designed with similar brick stones. These designs were usually constructed by ancestors. The shade of trees always gives us a wonderful feeling. Here we washed our hands and lay under the shade of trees for a long time. If we were very tired after traveling to different places we came here. We have always loved the environmental conditions and excellent rules here. Here you can travel to see some amazing sights of ancient times. I have tried to share with you some of these wonderful words and ancient history. Also we all enjoy visiting these places of interest and follow.

Thank you for reading my creative article blog .Stay safe,stay happy.i think if you find any mistake in writing or something. Please allow me to correct it.And find me on social media.

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The view is very beautiful, I like seeing it, thank you for sharing it with us here.

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