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Hello my fellow garden lovers,

How are you Hivers? I hope everything are OK for you right now. I haven't been able to post gardening content in quite some time. I could not investigate more about our garden because my father was ill. Therefore, the mother is not able to fully monitor the activities of the garden. Under such conditions, some crops in our garden are being destroyed. I could not go to my mother-in-law's house for some time, so I could not investigate the crops in her garden. However, in the garden behind the place where I work, the workers make some pits in a small space and do some planting. They grow in very good conditions and will give a rich harvest in the future. Let's talk about it in today's content.



We should appreciate their involvement in the cultivation activities while doing the work of our company. Because they dedicate their free time to it. Even though they take this harvest, they do not forget to give the extra harvest to our officials. By grinding the above type of green chillies, which is a light yellow pod, it can be eaten with coconut roti and rice as a sambal. They are also used to increase the spiciness of fish or chicken gravy. Scattering the seeds inside well-ripened pods on the ground produces a large number of plants. By planting those plants with space, more productivity can be obtained.


To grow varieties of green chilies with different flavors, the soil should be prepared with fertility. Black soils and brown soils are also more suitable, especially with compost. It is also important to keep the soil moist. For that, adding water every three to three hours is sufficient. It is a source of great happiness to see the pods with a large number of flowers on the same branch of well-developed soil.



The ground should be prepared to develop raw chilli varieties with various flavors. In particular, the black soil and brown soils with compost fertilizer are also suitable. It is also important that the interests of the interest is also important. Adding water for three to three hours is suitable. It is a great joy to see the soil grown well with large numbers of flowers. These chilli leaves should be saved from small insects and ants. I propose that it is best to use soap foam water.



You can see that the raw chilli plants grow, but they can see that their growth is a little ascent. The photograph of the above photo is one of the most villagers in Sri Lanka, some of Sri Lanka's slogans with rice. They are introduced as "Weraniya" in Sinhala. This is a high price of the market for the chilli species, as a midnight cultivation is suitable for. Most of our home backing, we can see the raw chilli fruits.



It was also found that chilli plants were planted not only on the earth but also using soils, sand, and coir. That method is suitable for a garden, especially small space. Even if the plant is taught using in paint can, no growth or harvest. There should be several holes under the tin to go down the filled water.



There are several tomato plants on this land, and some plants have grown and have begun to produce the fruit. Tomatoes, a variety of vitamin C abundant vegetables is a vegetable for sacrifices and salad varieties and salad. Due to rising tomatoes in the current market in Sri Lanka, the medium-sized cultivation is also a suitable vest. But tomatoes are widely bruised because they must follow a better method of transport. I have seen that many is wasted because of the bruising of tomatoes from afar areas.


Spinach, an iron heed, was seen in this garden. I can observe that it is a smallest plant. This iron abundance species is the best way to eat with dhal. These are also partially formulated by two species. But the nutritional casts of growing spinances with vines. In the rod cut into the rod and the explosion can be developed after the landscape or bones.




One of the most nutritional value is a Bitter Gourd, which is growingly growing vegetables, which grow as vines. This vegetable species has been named because of the bitterness, but the Salt can reduce the bitter taste using Salt water. The polythene is able to protect the yield from insects. As a result, yield can be enlarged with the amount of yield.






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