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Greetings, my dear brothers and sisters who love the wonderful world of video games, you are all welcome to my post.

Today I have discovered things that make my hair stand on end in this game, and to think that I was only facing common enemies, humans, but now I have a concern in mind, and that is that there is a creature much more powerful than any common human, it is a kind of guardian, but I have not yet come face to face with it, and I hope I never have to fight against him, as it would not be easy but exciting.

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When advancing in the history of the game, I arrive the moment to go to where the other pilot of the plane is, one of them died for some bandits, so the other one can help me to be able to contact with another plane to take us out of this island at once, but seeing how the first plane crashed, I believe that the safest thing would be a ship.

When trying to cross with the rope, the strong wind made that the trunk of a felled tree from where I hooked the rope fell, causing Lara to almost fall into the void, it was a very complicated moment, but I almost made it, Lara's exhaustion is beginning to be noticed, I also changed her appearance a little adding a jacket, in the bonfire I had the option to change her wardrobe.

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When I got to where the other pilot was, he was lying wounded in what seems to be a palace in ruins, but on this a strange hooded guy said some strange words, where out of nowhere other men appeared and gave a strong blow to Lara's head, making him unconscious.

When he woke up he was upside down again, everything happened so fast that I could not see who was the one who put me here, everything was very blurry and I could not understand what was happening, the truth is that I heard heavy footsteps, blows and screams.

The place was full of bodies and blood, mutilated bodies and dismembered parts all over the place, it looked like this is where they put all the survivors who have fallen on this island, it is incredible how many dead there are here.

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The place, yes it was horrible, there was no corner without a dismembered or mutilated body, and not only that had to worry me, there was something strange outside guarding the room, quickly and stealthily I walked to a hole in the wall to hide, moment where I see a huge beast with a large iron column in his hand ready to kill people.

I was very afraid to make any noise to catch its attention, as it looked like a single false move would attract this creature and blow up this place with that huge sledgehammer in its hands.

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When I move a little Lara slips and falls in a new area totally different from where she was, it's strange, it's as if she had gone through a portal to another area because from one moment to another there was a lot of wind, where at the end of falling (and thank goodness I did not call the attention of the other creature) there were more bodies, but these looked like they were recent, as a war had been unleashed here before.

There were many bandits nailed to the wall with thousands of arrows, spears and axes, but this was not something of a common human being, something tells me that a fierce battle was fought with the creature I had seen before, as the way the bodies were nailed to the walls, it was not something of a common human's strength.

I continued advancing a little further and found a corpse with a shotgun, a tool that I needed to be able to tear down the walls and wooden debris that was in the area where the plane landed, precisely where I had left Roth for the first time, it is strange how the whole island has a connection in this place.

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After advancing a little further, I found the tomb of the queen of the Yamatai, it is said that this woman controlled the weather and the sun, in fact Lara had opened the tomb, because according to her research, responsible for reaching this island, the queen who had the power to control the wind and rain, had transferred her powers to an heiress who was not her daughter, but they had to make a blood sacrifice to achieve it.

According to the paintings on the walls, they said something on how they did it, and the truth is that it is a very extensive story to tell it in this publication, so I will tell it in due time when I advance a little more in the story, because this does not go this far, and most likely the story of the game will force me to see it for myself, so things will start to get even more complicated later on.

Thank you very much for coming this far in my publication, I hope you like it, until next time.

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The separators are of my authorship, the images have their source, the screenshots were made in my player profile on my computer, the GIF edits are created by me.

This is the program I used to create my design:

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Los Oni son un tipo de demonio tradicional, es realmente aterrador. El juego en sí es excelente, solo odié la perspectiva que se usa cuando corres y todo se derrumba, es como diagonal.
Los QTE del juego fueron reducidos en las siguientes versiones, pero son algo que no debían tener el juego, lo desmejoraban bastante.