Saturday morning was spent claiming an Emergency Go Bag from our local government.



It's Saturday and mostly I woke up late even though I have a work schedule 🤣. Arrived at work usually an hour late. Yet, earlier I got up from bed than my usual time as our local government informed us through SMS that we can claim our emergency go bag today. Actually there was a house to house distribution but since the schedule in our place falls on weekends, office hours, sadly we were unable to claim.

Thus thanks to our neighbor, as he informed the municipal staff about us. So, they left as a claim form with instruction.


Apologies, it was written in Tagalog, our national language. Yet, what you can read here are instructions on how to claim.

My companion, Ms. M was an early bird so arrived at the venue around 07:45 in the morning yet the schedule of releasing was at 9!


The local employee who will be facilitating was not yet even here. So, for the meantime we decided to sit down in the nearest branches to wait.


While walking, I couldn't help but to notice how clean the road was and almost empty. Perhaps, since it was still early plus its weekend. Unlike on weekdays, at this time.


And of course me, a photo taken by my companion while I was wandering around.


Seems we will be waiting for an hour so, better to head at the benches and sit.


It may be in the city but somehow still peaceful to spend time. We even heard chirping birds.

What about this little one enjoying the early breakfast?

The wait didn't take that long as before eight-thirty in the morning the staff arrived and started organizing.

I was even sitting in the priority lane so at 08:16, I got mine.


Before 08:30 we are already in a car going to work. I would be much earlier if this was a normal day on the weekend.


So now let us check what was inside the Emergency GO Bag?

First to notice it was water resistant so all items inside are safe and won't be damaged even on rainy days. It was only folded but quite big enough to accommodate additional things for emergency purposes.

Inside there were two items, a zip lock plastic bag and first aid kit.


The zip lock contains, a glow in the dark candle stick, emergency thermal blanket, a whistle, and a flashlight.

After that I checked the first aid bag.


Inside there were two divisions and both contained things needed for first aid.


A medical scissors, triangular bandage , cotton ball and a booklet for disaster preparedness.

Back then during college days, I had to undergo training facilitated by our local PDRRMC(Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council). It lasted for a week as a lot of topics were discussed and some demonstrations.

I was even a volunteer rescuer on special events since I am also an army reservist.

Yet, that was a decade ago. My memory wasn't that photographic. I already forgot what I have learned. Seeing this booklet was indeed a help as I could refresh those rustic topics in my head.

And no, it's not only that but also I found absorbent gauze sponge, alcohol pad, band-aid, elastic bandage, medical paper tape and betadine.


Perfect! Almost complete as I am planning to buy a medicine kit at home. Now, what I only need are a few medicines, tablets for emergencies. Though I couldn't drink most of it now in case I am not feeling well, I still wanted to be prepared. Besides, it takes years before it expires right?

It is always better to be alert and ready rather than to be sorry!

Happy weekend fellow Hivers! Hope you had a blast.

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