Phyla nodiflora| Macro photography of beautiful grass flower


This is a grass flower. This morning I saw this flower while I was walking along our village road. I saw these flowers today's morning while I was walking with my son and daughter. The flowers are very beautiful in shape and small in size. Those are macro shapes flower. Those are known grass flower.Such flowers are very beautiful to see. Even this morning when I was walking past and coming back I saw these flowers and I liked them very much.





This is a grass flower. It's name is Phyla nodiflora. I found this name by searching on Google. Those are wonderful to look at. These flowers are often seen on the streets of our village. The flowers bloom on roadsides and many small and spherical flowers bloom on a single tree. The upper part is very thin like wool. The color of this flower is very beautiful. I have often seen this type of flower in different parts of our region, especially in some bushes, such flower plants can be written with many births at once and they are seen with these beautiful flowers blooming in abundance. Which enhances the beauty of nature and the beauty of the place.