Beautiful Sunday: views from my train journey.

I have been traveling up and down the countryside quite often. The long train journey has become more like routine exercise of patience and endurance. One day new and faster trains would replace these old trains then traveling time would become much shorter. Several years ago, there was a lot of talk about very modern trains which would start in China and travel through Laos, the northern provinces of Thailand towards Bangkok. Some even talked about high speed trains from China connecting Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Political changes and the spread of plandemic had put a pause to all big and extravagant projects. The expected arrival of Chinese tourists hasn’t materialised since after the lockdown had finished. I guessed changes in macro factors in many countries concerning the economic and geopolitical aspects have affected many investment plans. Uncertainty and sudden changes have spoiled the environments for huge projects; the risks have increased and forecast outcomes might not be easily achievable.

So, I have to learn to adapt to existing old and inefficient trains. This has been a good lesson for me; I have learned to enjoy what I was given and tried to make the best of the slow train journey. I would catch up with my sleep, catch up with cryto blogs and geopolitical news. On sunny days, I would look forwards to taking photos of the dam and fields in countryside. I was glad to see that big areas in the countryside were still left unoccupied by houses and real estate projects. But new railway tracks, dual rail tracks, to accommodate the Chinese One Belt One Road project, have been creeping along old railway tracks. Eventually, we could see floods of Chinese immigrants, tourists, investors and possibly terrorists or human traffickers in the future.

Then, land would be acquired for factories, office buildings and housing projects. The countryside would become more urbanised and developed which would mean green fields and natural surroundings would slowly diminish. I just hoped this process of economic expansion would progress very slowly and possibly be paused due to political reasons. I thought that the assumptions for all these optimistic and modern projects were based on unrealistic perceptions or forecasts of future reality.

With the Great Reset by the WEF, I could see that our politicians and investors would suffer from a rude awakening. The middle class has already been in the process of being exterminated. The next step would be the transfer of wealth from the rich class, tycoons and bankers via a reset of financial market. The sudden halt of credit system and banking failure would easily finish these wealthy people’ financial security. Banks, offices, businesses, and supply chains would stop operating to the detriment of ordinary people. This time, the attempt to implement One World Government could be initiated via a global CBDC (central bank digital currency).

Long train journey led my fuzzy brain to fantasise about the future like how New World Order could be initiated in my country. Sometimes funny clouds in the sky reminded me of the warnjng about thd ‘alien card’ which the Elites would use to install their one world government and their centralised control of everything or everyone on earth. I sent my SOS message to some aliens far away to intervene and expose those fake alien crafts. I guessed I was the only passenger with such wild imagination.

The majority of passengers was those of hard working class. There was only one air conditioned compartment but three to four for third class seats with fans. To accommodate very poor people, there were very cheap standing tickets! I happened to know this fact as some Asian tourists showed me their tickets to ask for directions. These looked lit very well heeled tourists but they were stingy with train tickets. Third class tickets are very, very cheap; so standing tickets cost less than fifty cents!

My prayers was granted; the severe drought problems was gone. Several days of rainstorms had replenished the water in the reservoir for the dam. During the last dry season, the reservoir was down to 30% of water capacity. This winter there would be sufficient water for farmers and several towns in the area. Mother Nature could be surprisingly gracious when we were very desperate. I have been definitely convinced of the power of prayers.

I am now addicted to traveling by day train as I could never get bored by the views of green fields, wide blue sky with white clouds and reflections of sunshine on water. The rhythm of the train could easily send me to sleep for an hour or so. Sometimes I met interesting people on the train such as a teenager from Laos and a Chinese student at a Thai university. They gave me news about their social surroundings and society.

From time to time I would meet an unlikely manager of a well known draft beer joint or an intelligence officer on a sudden call to duty in the city. In the past, I sat next to a famous Chinese medium so I learned something strange about her life. I have yet to meet a billionaire in disguise who would offer me a ride in his private jet for my pilgrimage to holy sites abroad. Perhaps I would have to pray much mote and accumulate more good karma.

Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

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