Visit the fish sales center on the coast of Bireuen, Aceh


The place for collecting fish and selling fish on the coast directly from the boat is one of the places that is always busy and that's what I saw this afternoon. My family and I visited directly the place selling fish on the coast where the fish had just been lifted from the boat. and sold directly there or under other names where the fish are collected. It looks like there are so many people here who go to give directly to the collection point because they are sure that the fish here is still very fresh and the prices are very cheap. Here, I and my family immediately visited the place. I, my wife and two children, immediately visited the place. here and here I saw that this was a gathering place for very fresh fish.
You can also see a crowd of people still standing around looking at the fish they are going to buy. They don't buy it straight away, but they first look at which fish are still fresh. This is one method for consumers to buy fish. They are not in a hurry. They see fresh fish and they see cheap fish among the traders there.
This location is not too far from the center of Bireuen city, only entering a few km inland which is close to the coast, but quite a few city people also visit this place directly because they want to buy very fresh fish at cheap prices so they can take it home. with little money but can bring in a lot of fish, this is one of the ways they do it when they find out that there is still cheap fish and it is directly at the fish collection point on the coast.
It can also be seen that some people are walking and some are riding motorbikes, this is one of their methods of traveling to give and I see this is one of their enthusiastic attitudes in choosing fish that is still fresh and cheap, so it can be seen in the pictures. which I share How the ladies and gentlemen who are standing there see fresh fish and will buy it immediately.
Not only on the feet, but you can also see other traders such as ice cream sellers and other turmeric traders because they know that when mothers go to buy, they certainly bring their children. I see here is a complete market, but in It's just limited by a very small field so traders have to have small or very limited fields.
That's my post today in this large community and here are some pictures of people's activities this afternoon when they buy fish. And here are also some writings that I have formulated as briefly as possible so that they become useful writings. Here are some pictures that convey the message- message. Hope friends like it.

CameraSamsung A20 S
Taken By@jepkupi
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh

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