This afternoon I returned to harvesting my own eggplant fruit



Living in a village and being a farmer is a very profitable thing. However, we also have to think cleverly, think creatively and think innovatively so that even though we live in a village, it feels like we live in a city area. All of this is due to the brilliant ideas that we grow from materials. materials and from our previous work experience and educational experience because we know that any knowledge we freeze in our heads will not develop and will only go so far, but when we put it into the field and put it into research, other knowledge will follow.
Being a farmer should not focus on one plant that we plant. However, we also have to think about planting other plants that might benefit us, for example eggplant, like me today I have harvested eggplant fruit because I first added an eggplant tree with my own hands. It doesn't feel like time is going on and the eggplant tree is getting bigger. The days are getting bigger until today the bright tree is ready for us to pick and enjoy the fruit and this is one of the creative ideas that I never thought of before.
Every inch of land that we own is a treasure for us so it would be a shame if we just threw it away or wasted it. I see this as a great potential. Today I have a garden, so it is appropriate for me to expand the garden, namely by planting plants, both plants that bear fruit, such as old plants and plants that have a short harvest period, meaning young plants, and we need to think about this.
Some of these images are the result of my portraits using my Samsung a20s smartphone and this is one of the purple eggplants that is increasingly being cultivated. I see this is one of the plants that is beneficial for us, meaning at least we no longer buy kitchen ingredients and this is a very brilliant and creative idea from a farmer and that is me.
That's my post today in the Garden community, a community that always talks about the world of plantations and here are some pictures that I have taken, of course these articles make me a good post for friends. Of course we will continue to carry out various developments in the plantation sector. At least we don't want to waste time and don't take money with us. We repair the land we own and plant plants that we are capable of mastering and one of them is a young plant like the following eggplant tree. Some pictures from me and greetings to Garden friends.

CameraSamsung A20 S
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