Take a photo with my garden guard



For a farmer, clever thinking is the initial foundation in this modern era. We are no longer forced to use energy. However, we have to be creative and advance in utilizing the facilities in our garden. Today I took a photo with a keeper of my garden which I made myself, namely people and this really helps to keep animals from entering my garden.
This person is a very productive garden guard, the proof is that I saw many animals such as monkeys who still feel disturbed by the presence of these people, they are still starting to believe that it is a real person and will keep their distance from my garden in this way. which we need to develop because we know this is a very active exercise tool to repel pests or our plants in the garden.
Today I hung a scarecrow on a rambutan tree, friends, of course you can see that this is a fertile rambutan tree and I take good care of it both in terms of spreading fertilizer and in terms of watering it. You can also see that the surroundings of the rambutan tree are clean and that was on purpose. I clean the grass so that it doesn't disturb the fertilization of the rambutan tree so that the fertilizer I give will forever be absorbed by the rambutan tree and this will really help the productivity of the rambutan tree.
I took these beautiful pictures in my garden with my smartphone camera, Samsung A20s, the location of the garden is in Aceh Indonesia and this is one of my long-term investments for the future. I hope this garden continues to be productive and I hope it can continue to be an investment for my children in the future.
That's my post for today and here are some illustrations with writings that I have formulated and adjusted as much as possible so that it makes a good and useful post. Sharing in the cartoon community is one of the choices I made because here is a place to share various information about The world of plantations, this is my post today, I hope my friends like it.

CameraSamsung A20 S
Taken By@jepkupi
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh
WA Business+62 8527 0383 497

Best Regards, @jepkupi