Coconut trees in the middle of rice fields



Good afternoon friends of the amazingnature community, some beautiful pictures. This afternoon I am ready to present them and will soon be passed on to friends. This time it comes from beautiful pictures, namely coconut trees growing in the middle of the rice fields. I see this is a special moment. beautiful and interesting picture so I shared it and I am also one of those people who enjoy the beauty of the rice fields this morning.
Usually I see the beauty of the rice in the rice fields which are so green, but this time I was more interested in taking pictures of the coconut trees growing in the middle of the rice fields. This is unique and it turns out it was deliberately planted to provide energy for the rice field owner and if things change later he it can fall on the coconut water itself and this is something that usually happens and quite a few of us see coconut trees in the middle of rice fields and these are deliberately planted so that they can enjoy the results, namely coconuts.
If I look at this coconut tree, it turns out it looks very fertile. We can see from the growth of the coconut tree that it has good fronds and beautiful leaves even though it is located in the middle of the rice fields, but this is not a problem. I see the coconut tree still growing well, beautiful and this too a type of coconut that is not very long, only a few meters long, it has already released its fruit.
Not only coconuts, we can also see the rice in the rice fields looking very fertile and this is one way for farmers to always maintain and see the quality of the rice. They are among the farmers who really care about the plants they have planted and today I am proud Seeing what the farmers had done, they became concerned about the plants and in one day they even went back to the rice fields 2 or 3 times just to make sure that their rice was in good condition.
I took some of these pictures, both coconut and rice trees in the rice fields, with my smartphone camera, Samsung A20s, with location points in Aceh, Indonesia.
That's my post today, along with several pictures and also the writings that I have formulated to make me share this parking with this large community, of course friends will enjoy my pictures and also my efforts as follows. contains positive values ​​and how we develop the area to continue to love the plants we have planted. Greetings to our community friends. Always healthy for all of us.

CameraSamsung A20 S
Taken By@jepkupi
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh
WA Business+62 8527 0383 497

Best Regards, @jepkupi