Hive Daily Mix - Photography - 2024-01-14

The first AI powered recap of the best photography posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

January 14

October by the Sea .:. Torrevieja, Spain - by @ph1102
The post discusses the author's visit to Torrevieja, a city in Spain, in October. They share their thoughts on real estate opportunities and the city's attractions, including its beaches and cultural monuments. The post includes photos of the city and its surroundings.

Tour around sea aquarium in Sentosa Singapore. - by @asiaymalay
This post is a tour around the SEA AQUARIUM in Sentosa Singapore. It showcases various aquatic animals, including fish, eels, jellyfish, and corals. The post also mentions the presence of sharks and the open ocean habitat. The author describes their experience and highlights the educational value and relaxing nature of the aquarium. The post concludes with a mention of the gift shop and available food options.

Mis Metas Personales para 2024 - by @eddiespino
Original language: Spanish
The author shares their personal goals for the year 2024, including paying off debts, achieving a healthy weight, learning programming, and building their own home.

Mischief on the Midlands Meander - A Rocky Ride - by @lizelle
A post about exploring the Midlands Meander in Kwazulu Natal, featuring a game drive and visits to various locations including Blueberry Cafe and Swissland Cheese Farm.

Let's travel together #283 - Faro dell'Isola di Murano (Murano Lighthouse) - by @gabrielatravels
This post is about the author's visit to the Murano Island in Venice and their experience exploring the island, shopping for souvenirs, and visiting the Murano Lighthouse.

Day 36 – Mid way through vegging - by @solominer
This post discusses the progress and techniques used in growing Zebra Stripe cannabis plants during the vegetative stage.

Excited to begin growing again - by @derangedvisions
The author is excited to start growing cannabis again after a break, and shares updates on their new windows and soil choice.

This post showcases the author's outdoor adventures in October 2023, exploring the woods and meadows, and capturing photographs of various insects, spiders, plants, and mushrooms.

$500,000 BTC... "Not These Nigg*# Aagain"... - by @acesontop
The post discusses the author's experience with following crypto influencers, particularly PlanB, and their failed predictions on Bitcoin reaching certain price levels.

🌷How to make a tulip using pipe cleaner 🌷 - by @winelay
This post provides a tutorial on how to make a tulip using pipe cleaners, including step-by-step instructions and accompanying pictures.

Adios Lake Louise - by @daveks
Farewell Lake Louise, Adios! Till next time. Here are the last of the Lake Louise photos, captured last summer.

Distraction - by @mipiano
The post discusses the author's desire to focus on visualizing a concert but getting distracted by playing with photos. It also touches on the importance of musicians working together and the different backgrounds they have.

My last walk in the lands of Guarico. - by @marnaza
Original language: English, Spanish
The post is about the author's last walk in the lands of Guarico and their connection to the countryside.

Beaches of the Pacific Northwest - by @crypticat
A post showcasing some beautiful beaches in the Pacific Northwest, including Olympic National Park and La Push.

St. Julian's Bay, Malta Holidays - by @sergiomendes
This post is about the author's experience visiting St. Julian's Bay in Malta during their holiday, highlighting the stunning views and architecture of the area.

Exploring the Blooming Wonderland : A Sunday Stroll in the Plant Paradise. - by @rem-steem
A Sunday stroll through a newly established plant nursery turns into a delightful plant-hunting experience.

Wonderful “Ancient City”, in Samut Prakan province - Part III - by @tangmo
The post discusses the Sanphet Prasat Palace in the Ancient City, a reconstructed ancient palace in Samut Prakan province.

The beginning of a long treatment - by
Original language: Spanish
The post discusses the author's experience with their child's dental treatment for baby bottle tooth decay and the challenges they faced.

America Day in Oviedo - by @castri-ja
The post highlights the celebration of America's Day in Oviedo, with a parade featuring floats representing different immigrant associations and various attractions.

Platón - Podobenství o jeskyni / Plato - Parable of the Cave // #challange50 by @pavelsku - by @zirky
Original language: English,Czech
This post is about the Parable of the Cave by Plato and the author's interpretation of the theme of shadow and light.