We are Nothing


Every day we wake up to the saddening news of one or more persons around us, some may be extended and some may be close, and every day we cry "Oh, it shouldn't have been this person, but then, I ask, who would have been the best candidate for death?

The truth is, nobody prays to die young and unexpectedly maybe as a result of sickness or unknown issues but then, it happens, and we weep, mourn, and feel sad about the death of that person and most times question God for the death of the person but then I ask, who is the best person certified to die? The answer is nobody except maybe our enemies but then if we want to toll that way, we all will realize that same way we have enemies or see others as our enemies, the same way others see us as an enemy and threats to their lives.

So, you see, nobody deserves to die but then, it happens and we can do little or nothing about it because life happens and will always happen.


So, what we should learn when things like this are happening around us is to make every day of our living life count. We are not sightseers, we are not God, we are not future readers, and we are like a pencil in the hand of the creator, so as much as losing someone dear to us or just an acquaintance, we must learn and know that we are nothing.

So, every day we wake up and decide to go out with some funny and rude attitude, any day we wake up with the mind of making people feel less or trying to molest them because of our position or power let us all realize that we are nothing but sands, we are sojourner, we are travelers and will return one day to where we belong and as such, it is necessary to make every living day of our life count.