Random Thought


I think we make a fundamental mistake when we're judging our own potential and other people's potential. We shouldn't be fast to judge our or anybody's potential especially because of how the person started.

You remember that saying "The beginning doesn't matter, it doesn't and can not give a vivid picture of what the end is going to look like. So many times, we think it's possible to judge where someone is going to land by looking at where they started.

That isn't possible because the beginning of a thing doesn't determine how the end is going to be, someone may decide to start small and still end small, another person starts small but ends big and another starts big and ends big, while another starts big and ends small.


It all depends on their drive, goals, vision if they have any, and reasons but in all, no matter what never judge your potential with others' potential because you are limitless, keep exploring, and keep growing.

That's why when I listen to some conservation, I kinda wonder why people think the way they do or say what they say because life is all about exploring, learning, unlearning, and relearning so if after decades of living on earth and some mindset of ours hasn't changed, it is going to be a lot of problem.

Don't let your thoughts hinder you from exploring more and enjoying life more, and don't let your thoughts binder you from excelling and growing bigger because we were created without limit to what we can learn as long as we are alive. It is only death that can limit a man's thoughts and reasons to explore life more.

Dear Friend, as long as you are alive, keep growing, keep exploring, keep experiencing life, keep learning, keep unlearning, and keep relearning because you are limitless