Be a reflection of your words


You know that phrase they say, "Action speaks louder than words", is actually true because many people only talk, but they never do, they only talk to entice people into believing them and later show their real colour when the person is at their mercy or gullible.

If we see we are kind, let us learn to live by it, let us learn to prove it and not just talk because we are being asked. If we say we are humble, let us show it with our actions, let our actions speak for us and not by mere words.

Let us all learn to live up to our words, let us all learn to be a reflection of our words, let our words be seen in action and life, and don't let people begin to question their actions because it does not portray your words.


Don't say something but mean another thing with our actions, let not just our words but actions do the talking for us, let our actions explain what our words can not explain to the lowest meaning because humans believe in what they see, what they can relate with, than just words that holds nothing.

Let us learn to be sincere, genuine, true, and straightforward, let us learn to be who we are and true to who we are without compromise. It takes a genuine person to be a reflection of their words. Let us not a dove at the surface but it dove within.

It is most times going to be hard but it pays to be a reflection of our words, a reflection of our personality, a reflection of what we believe and accept, what we stand for. It is going to be hard but there is a joy that comes with staying true to our words, staying true to our acriins.