POBphotocontest New Round: BUILDINGS

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The theme for this week:

Welcome to a another round of the #POBPhotocontest
This week the subject is: BUILDINGS
Large or small, old or modern... it doesn't matter what kind of building you photograph as long as it is a nice shot! Try to make it an interesting photo preferably with a nice explanation of what building you shared with us.

As an example I'm sharing a photo I took of the castle of Vianden, Luxemburg a week ago.



About the POBPhotocontest

The #POBphotocontest is a weekly photography contest with a different subject every week. It runs from Sunday until next Sunday (8:00 PM CEST).
My intension is to make this contest accessible for everyone; from experienced photographers with professional cameras to beginners shooting with their phone camera. Everyone can join!

Every week you can create a blog post for this contest with at least one photo that that meets the subject of that week. That photo needs to be the first photo in the post.
Although it is allowed to use a photo from your archive it is more fun to go out and shoot new photographs.

Your photo should tell a story by itself, but also write something about your photo or photo's in your post. Share some background information about the subject, location or techniques you used and why you submitted this photo for the contest.
Don't forget to set #pobphotocontest as one of the tags] of your posts since that is the way I can find all the submitted photos.

You can also put your photo with a link to your post in the comments of this post.

The contest ends next Sunday 8:00 PM CEST.
I will personally judge the photos and select 3 winners based on both the quality and originality of the photo and the additional information in the blog post itself.

The winners will receive POB tokens and Ecency points.




The #POBPhotocontest has a lot of followers and frequent participants. Let me know when you also would like to get a mention when a new round of the #pobphotocontest starts so I can add you to the list.

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  • Create a blog post with a photo that meets this weeks subject.
  • Archive are allowed, but I recommend posting a recent photo.
  • Add some information about your photo. What do we see? Where did you take it? Why did you take it? What techniques and/or equipment did you use?
  • Add the #pobphotocontest tag to that post (this is how I can find the post of the contestants).
  • You can add more photos to that post, but only the first one in your post will be your submission for the contest.
  • Optional: Place a link to the post you created in the comment on this announcement post. You can add your image to the comment too.



The top 3 will receive both POB tokens and Ecency points.
The Ecency points are generously donated by @good-karma and can be used in the @ecency front end to boost or promote your posts.

PlacePOB TokensEcency Points



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My Entry... "Plaza de Santa Rosa - Barquisimeto -Vnezuuela, "Templo de la Divina Pastora"