Northern lights outside the north pole.

Hello Hivians, how are you spending your week? The warmth begins and soon you will have to take your bikini out of the closet to enjoy a good swim. But it was not that meteorological phenomenon that I wanted to talk about today. Although to tell the truth they have a lot to do with each other.

In recent months, several northern lights have been seen outside their usual range. Seeing the Northern Lights is not easy so seeing it outside the North Pole is even more extraordinary.
For those who do not know, there are surely few of them. The northern lights are produced when solar winds loaded with protons and electrons collide with the Earth's magnetic field, which moves them towards the poles. This causes the particles to interact with the gases in the atmosphere, creating energy that is released in the form of lights in the sky.

That's why it's so difficult to see them outside the poles. We normally see them at the north pole for obvious circumstances. Their colors can vary depending on the height at which the reactions occur but are normally green or red.
So don't stop looking at the sky at night because you never know what spectacle we might see.

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