Portrait with curly hair - monomad daily chalenge

Hello friends!
I wanted to share with you an amazing photography project I had in the studio recently. The model for this project is a beautiful teenage girl with beautiful curls in her hair.. her name is Olusi and she has this natural grace and elegance that really comes through in the photos.

I decided to go for a dark background to create a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere, which really brought out her features. The contrast between her light skin and dark hair against the black background was mesmerizing.

We played with different poses and poses and shot her in different angles to bring out her natural beauty. The way she moved and posed effortlessly made my job as a photographer so easy. As if it was made for this purpose.

I chose to shoot in black and white because I wanted to evoke a sense of timelessness and sophistication. There is something about black and white photography that adds depth and emotion to an image. This allowed me to focus on textures, shapes and tones without the distraction of color.

I believe that black and white photography can really bring out the essence of a subject, especially when it comes to portrait photography. It allows you to capture raw emotions and expressions in a way that color sometimes cannot.
When it comes to taking better photos, I've learned that it's all about finding the right light, angles, and composition. It's important that your subject feels comfortable enough to really be themselves in front of the camera. This helps bring out their natural beauty and personality.
It was really difficult to choose which photo to choose for you, so let's see some of the photos together:

Thanks for letting me share this exciting project with you! If you have any tips or advice on how I can continue improving my photography skills, I'd love to hear them!

@farideh.shahedisony a7 r111 lens 24-70 f 2.8 sigmaArt


Simply beautiful... I love the play of lights and leftovers and of course the model, heh, heh, heh, heh.