Kadnikov. Part 1

Kadnikov is a city in the Sokolsky district of the Vologda region. The population is just over four thousand people.

Before the trip, I studied the entire satellite map five times, plus I looked at all the panoramic pictures of the streets – there are no dugouts here. Although everything is conducive to their presence: a height difference, a small river and apartment buildings.


But there has been an interest in walking around this locality for a long time.

I assumed that it would be boring here, but it turned out that Kadnikov is quite an atmospheric place.

Oh, yes! It is the height difference! It decides a lot not only in terms of pictures, but also in terms of sensations.

In general, in this small town, almost everywhere there are private houses and only in a couple of places there are clusters of apartment buildings.

There was a small hope for two locations where there could be vegetable storages, but they were not there.

There were times last year when I wanted to shoot in cloudy weather in winter.

This winter, for some reason, I prefer clear frosty weather.

Somehow there are more spots and the light is completely different.

And I also began to pay attention to the courtyard spaces again, although not quite in the same way as before.

I found a slightly different creative approach to familiar places.

To be continued...