Snowdrift graphics


Why is the transition from snowless to snowy time accompanied by dissatisfaction and a vague perspective in terms of the picture? On the contrary, everything is fine! Before the onset of winter, I begin to feel sad, imagining these long gray months. But when winter comes, it gives a lot of different subjects from street to graphics.


Maybe this year I was afraid of losing all the sensations and cosmic state that had been with me for almost the whole year?

Now it's like I'm sleeping again, just like last winter.

It's scary to fall asleep only when you're awake. And when I fell asleep, it didn't matter...

I still feel something from places at times, there is no such thing that everything is turned off.

But there is no bright space anymore. Spring will come and I will wake up again, like all nature.

...Gradually, the street begins to come to life. The sun appears, the environment becomes more graphic.

The sun shines brighter, which means the shadows are more contrasting and there are more spots.

Well, the snowdrifts this year are just gigantic – their texture and voluminous shapes hooked me.

In the background light, their shape, lines, are emphasized and highlighted.

A snowdrift is essentially a snow bank of artificial origin.

There are no snowdrifts in the field – there are other concepts like virgin land or depth of cover.

But snowdrifts are a part of our lives.

And they can be both beautiful and not.

A beautiful snowdrift is when piled snowballs are dusted with a soft layer of snow.

An ugly snowdrift is when newly piled snowballs lie chaotically.

The best snowdrift is when everything starts to melt in the spring, black mud mixes with chaotically piled ice floes and lumps, all this melts and is an ugly mass of fecal color.

I'm kidding! The best snowdrift is when beautiful patterns are painted on the snowdrift in a quiet clean village after a snowstorm.