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Hello, friends!

How are you? I hope you are all in good condition. Now i would like to share to you my last Sunday experience. Last Sunday, I had an appointment with my church friends to go to the museum. The museum named Art and Ceramic Museum and it is located in Kota Tua (Old City) area, and fortunately it is not far from where I live.

Arrived earlier than any other friends, I travelled around the kota tua area and took some pictures. In that time, because I came too early i saw many bikers there, near the old governor's office. There were so, oh, too many of them there that time.


There, in one corner, you could find the tourist information center, where you could get some information about the area. And in the same area there is a wayang museum too.


And this is it, the museum where we would like to spend our time with the pottery class. Here how it looked from the outside.


Take a closer look, it look like a formal building with some pillars at its' front, isn't it?

When it's finally time that the museum opened at 9 am and most of us complete, we went to the locket to enter. For the entry ticket we had to pay 15K IDR or almost a USD for a person.


When we first stepped our feet to the building, we surprised that so many people were there too. Most of them were children because they had a field trip to this museum. If you take a closer look to my picture, you will see two big puppets called ondel-ondel, this is the authentic that originally came from Jakarta, the city where I born and live.


Maybe you would be look it more clearly here, when we took a picture there when all the children already gone. We took this picture right after we would like to leave this museum... (this happened after we finished the pottery class, of course).


We already asked for the officer in the entry locket that we want to attend the pottery class. He said we could just go to the cooperative room that was located on the right sight of the entry hall. There we met another officer that explained us about the pottery class.


The pottery class divided into two sections. In the first section was the making part while the second section was the decoration thing. The making part would only be 30 minutes long, while the decoration thing would be as long as you need. The price for the class is 50K IDR or around 3 USD something per person.

The pottery class area was located on one of their passage in the open air. Here how the class looked. It had some utensils for making the pottery and a long table to decorate it.


First thing that they asked us to do was putting the apron.


And here was the utensil or tool to make the pottery, unique cause it was traditional, right?




To make the pottery both of our hand and feet needed to be active. Cause one of the feet should spin the utensil below so that the second circle on the top where we use to make the clay also spinned. It was quite tiring for me to use one foot to spin the circle but it was also lots of fun to do something we never did before.

The thing i remember is always spin it and also don't let our clay dry. We made the shape by our hands by using the water too.

When the time is up for us to make the pottery then the decoration time. While most of our friends would like to decorate their pottery with the clay again, myself and a friend decided not to decorate it again because we didn't want to ruin what we thought already ended well.

Here was our friends while they were decorating...

And here we were, decided not to bring extra ornaments to ours potteries.


Me with my pottery!


Here after we were all finished with our own pottery project.


After we were all finished with our work we decided to let it dry in the museum and took it after several days. And then we took a look at the museum and we found some unique things around. We visited some rooms and i found piggybanks there...


The pretty flowers vase in my favorite blue color...


We still visited some rooms, on the second floor too.






We took a picture together there...


We also visited the room where they found ceramics from the shipwreck. And we also took a picture there.


And once more, before we went back we took a picture next to the pillars.


It was amazing to visit this place with friends to make something i never made before!

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All of the pictures were taken with Samsung A52 5G android phone and i used canva to make the cover picture.

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