Rolling in Style

Rolling in Style

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This set of edits are in a style I have come to like its a soft black and white style I created and I really like the feel it give some images. With this set of images of this model in the english countryside with the model in her roller skates and lingeri set I felt it gave the images a nice summer soft feel .

well lets crack on with this latest set of edits and hope you enjoy this latest post with lots more to follow.......

It was a hot summer's day in the English countryside and the sun was shining brightly. The birds were chirping and the flowers were in full bloom. The countryside house was a perfect location for a photo shoot. The house was surrounded by lush green gardens and had a beautiful pool in the backyard. The setting was perfect for a flirty model to show off her body and pose for the camera.

The model, Lily, was a stunning blonde with long hair and a playful smile. She was wearing a pair of knee-high socks, a pink bra and matching knickers. To complete her look, she had on a pair of roller skates. She was the perfect embodiment of a flirty and playful model.

Lily was excited for the shoot as she loved to flirt with the camera and show off her curves. She had been modeling for a few years now and had gained quite a following for her seductive poses. Her photographer, had been working with her since the beginning of her career and knew how to capture her best angles.

As they arrived at the countryside house, Lily couldn't help but admire the beautiful surroundings. She could feel the warm sun on her skin and it made her feel alive. She quickly changed into her outfit and put on her roller skates. She loved the feeling of gliding on the smooth surface and it added an extra edge to her poses.

As the photographer set up his camera, Lily started to strike poses. She leaned against the house, showing off her long legs in the knee-high socks. She then moved towards the pool, playfully splashing water on herself. Jake clicked away, capturing her every move. Lily's confidence grew with every pose and she felt like she was on top of the world.

The heat was starting to get to both of them, and the photographer suggested they take a break. Lily took off her skates and walked towards the pool. She dipped her feet in the cool water, letting out a sigh of relief. The photographer couldn't take his eyes off her, she was like a goddess in that pink lingerie.

Lily noticed the photographers gaze and couldn't resist teasing him. She stood up and slowly started to take off her bra, revealing her perfectly sculpted body. Jake's heart skipped a beat as Lily tossed her bra towards him, and then proceeded to do the same with her knickers.

As she stood there, completely naked, Jake couldn't help but admire her beauty. He quickly snapped a few shots before Lily covered herself with her hands, giggling at his reaction.

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Equipment used for shoots

Sony 4K video

AF-S Nikkor 24/70 1:2:8G ED N

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RingFlash Godox AR400

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Mac Mini M2 Pro

Ipad pro
Iphone 14 pro max

Huion 22" pro Drawing tablet
B&W M1 speakers
Samsung 49" ultra wide monitor
Apple track pad / black
Apple magic mouse / black

Sabrant HDD driver












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Rarely is it done tastefully like you've done here.