LIL : My contribution to the LMAC Image Library #5

Good day everyone and welcome back to another exciting episode of my contribution to the LMAC Image Library or LIL - a catalogue of public domain images that serves the creative needs of artists, especially on hive and particularly the LMAC community. So, this is my 5th contribution

submarine submarine, underwater, ship, sea, transport, ocean

So the image is that of a submarine and it was carved out of an image - my old metallic tank, that can be found here

A brief highlight of the steps involved are presented below 👇

The final image has a dimension of “1280 × 1000” and it's in the PNG format. As LIL requires, the image is under a Public Domain license. You can do with it as you please and can use it anywhere, including for the LMAC contest. If you wish to contribute to the LIL, then you would need to visit here to help you get started. Stay tuned for more of this interesting craft. 😉

Before I forget, the name of the app used for the craft is "photo editor".

Have a lovely day and till I come your way again next time.

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Background image source by @doze