Dance Pics Showcase

Dance Pics Showcase

It is magical how the people bodies set up in the special combination on stage form very unique moments which can be overwhelming & triggering different sensations in the eyes of the beholder. To have the chance to shoot these moments for me is an extra pleasure & privilege.

This is following post to the last "dance showcase" photo post that I published last time & can be seen here: Many curators & other members of Hive platform reacted very positively on my last posts with the dance motifs from the dance show so I decided to continue with publishing more...

The Jinnee

This dancer playing Jinnee from Aladdin had so much work to do. Her role was very important in the show & she was involved in almost every scene & doing it quite well!

In one of the starting scenes of the show she was even drumming.

In the next scene the dancers were communicating with only dance moves & face mimics which is real art. One needs to know how to do it effectively so it really looks like they are talking.




I really liked to portrait the Jinnee - she is very beautiful & also doing her thing very well while involved in many different scenes.

Children were involved a lot in the Aladdin part of the show & they definitely deserved a special place in this post. I admire how they were synchronized & also enjoying performing.



Other Dance Acts

When the Aladdin part finished, the other acts came to play on the stage. Bellevue Dance School in Rijeka, Croatia is quite big & it has many dance groups practicing different dance techniques. The majorettes had their act too:


In the majorettes group I had my favorite dancer & decided to mostly follow her with the camera. It is the girl on the left on the upper & in the middle in the lower photo.



The ending scene of the majorettes.

Some children dance groups had their acts also performed after Aladdin... They were very good at it!


There on the spot & decided not to shoot only dancer in front but to appreciate also those who take place a bit in the background.


The most modern act was maybe the next one - performed on some r'n'b & rap music involving a bit of break dance too.

In this group, the girl in the upper photo was kind of the main star of the group, a leader too & most of the other dancers followed her. She was in the focus. She is also beautiful & was doing her dance very good - these are the reasons why she is front of the group.

But than surprisingly the change happened. The blond leader moved in the background & this other gorgeous girl stepped forward & the focus was on her which I really liked. Than I noticed that this one dances even better than the blonde one. I gave her more attention with my camera.



This shot could have been better if I didn't cut of the top of the girl's head but it is still quite a good photo.

I hope you enjoyed another episode of the dance photography.

Here are some more of the previous publications from the same dance show:

All the upper photos I made with Nikon Z6 & Sigma 105 mm DG Macro HSM lens & for the self-portrait below I used the older Nikon D800 with Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70 mm lens.

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Good job brother, congratulations for getting involved in the context of the dancers, understand what is happening on stage is very good, that help capture better photos, I recently had an experience like this was very interesting, I wish you much success.


Thanks! This was my voluntary work cause my niece was dancing there. But I would love to have more paid jobs like this.


Awww... Sweet to see this great work!

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