Bioparco di Roma, Italy

Having visited Rome last month I've a number of shots to still sort out, but while there as is pretty normal for me, there had to be a zoo visit!

Rome is no exception on having a zoo, be it a smaller one to other cities but still worth the visit.



A member of the great ape family and its natural habitat of the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia


They are known to be some of the most intelligent none humans and have shown an aptitude for playing game which is something Zoo Atlanta has confirmed.

Bactrian camel


Known as the camel with two humps and also mostly a domesticated member of the species while coming from Central Asia.


It is also known as the Mongolian Camel although it is named after the historical region of Bactria within central Asia.

Brown Bear


The Brown Bear can be found in Asia, Europe and North America where in North America it can be known as a Grizzly or Kodiak for those in a region of Alaska.


As can be seen here Rome has a cub which while following their mother often, will roam and explore on tis own as it grows in confidence

Rüppell's vulture


A large bird of prey, known to be found in East Africa and is known to be one of the highest flying birds with a confirmed height of over 11,000 metres or 37,000 feet, which is pretty much in the average cruise height of a passenger aircraft!

Reticulated giraffe


Can be found in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, it is considered a subspecies of giraffe although at one point of all the sub species, they were all considered as just one.


Feeding wise, all giraffes seem to do, is, well eat, it is noted that they would spend half the entire day just eating, Although as a herbivore they likely need to do this due to the low calorie intake available to them.

Pigmy Hippo


Now most people are used to the Hippo, a large animal that if seen running at you, then you are likely in trouble! And much like its much larger cousin, relies on being in water to keep its skin from drying out.



A member of the antelope family and commonly found in the Sahara Desert, he Addax is the only member of its family, and while sometimes known as the white antelope its coat will change colours per the season, hence the darker grey brown look to this one here, as this is in winter, come summer it will turn more white.

Ring-tailed Lemur


I swear it really is a Ring-tailed Lemur even though the tail isn't in view!
A native of the Island Madagascar and is also known locally as Maky. It is a highly social animal and this is something I can confirm having had them crawling all over me once at another location and even inspecting the camera!



Considered a member of the Old World Monkey family commonly found in central Africa within tropical rainforests on the western side of the continent.


While considered an omnivore they will generally eat anything from plans, fruit, flowers and animal matter, with it being said they would consider antelope calf's although that isn't known to happen too often.